Milam talks First Aid


Milam loves (the idea of) basic first aid, minus trauma.

In this show he tells us about how to apply a Band-aid, we discuss basic first aid for kids (and grown-ups) and where to find some of his favorite on-line video help.

Spartanburg County EMS

He also touches on Diesel trucks and his future plans.

Enjoy the Show!

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First Aid Videos Mentioned:

Patriot Nurse: How to Apply a Band-aid

Skinny Medic: First Aid Pouch (This is on Milam’s Christmas List!)

Peachy Medic: Basic Patient Assessment

1 thought on “Milam talks First Aid”

  1. Milam, thanks for another great podcast. My wife says I’m very clumsy because I’m always hurting myself so this episode will come in very handy! Thanks again!

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