Milam talks First Aid

Milam loves (the idea of) basic first aid, minus trauma.

In this show he tells us about how to apply a Band-aid, we discuss basic first aid for kids (and grown-ups) and where to find some of his favorite on-line video help.

Spartanburg County EMS

He also touches on Diesel trucks and his future plans.

Enjoy the Show!

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First Aid Videos Mentioned:

Patriot Nurse: How to Apply a Band-aid

Skinny Medic: First Aid Pouch (This is on Milam’s Christmas List!)

Peachy Medic: Basic Patient Assessment

Milam talks Family Vacations. Episode 3

Milam wants to talk about Family Vacations-namely the family favorite: Tweetsie Railroad!

Tweetsie Railroad-our favorite family theme park!

We also learn about some of his favorite toys, hobbies and food!

to learn more about Tweetsie Railroad click below