Milam and his Buddy, Tekoa!

I’ve learned that some funny things are heard from the backseat…

Milam and Tekoa had quite a conversation about Episode II and we tried rekindle it in this show.

Little boys are hard to keep still so this is a short one, but Milam didn’t want to do another show until he and Tekoa sat down (for a brief moment) and recorded something together!

We’ll be back soon!

Milam talks about Christmas and Star Wars

It’s HOT here on the farm, but Milam already has Christmas on his mind!

Christmas Memories, Traditions and the Reason for the Season are sprinkled throughout this episode.

Thanks for spending some time with Milam, he’s really excited to know that you’re out there listening!

A special thank you to Peachy Medic for his personal Ambulance Tour Video-How Cool is That!!!!  You can see it here: Video Link

We also have a few MIM stickers available if anyone out there would like one 🙂